Complete Custom Turbocharger Kits

100% TIG welded stainless steel components. Whether you need individual components or want us to create a complete kit down to the stand-alone ECU, the professionals at Shore Motorsports can do it. Please call or email us for specifics.

For turbo manifolds, you can contact the fabricator directly at


1992 Mazda Miata Version 3
Single Turbo, 1.6 liter

1992 Mazda Miata Version 4
Twin Turbo, 1.8 liter
1992 Mazda Miata Version 5
Twin Turbo, 1.8 liter
1994 Mazda Miata, Auto-X Setup
Single Turbo, 1.8 liter
1997 Subaru Outback Sport
Single Turbo, 2.2 liter
2004 Pontiac GTO, Rear Mount
Redone STS turbo plumbing
1991 Suzuki Swift GT
Twin Cam, 1.3 liter
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