Miscellaneous Shop Projects
Shop Vehicles, One-offs, Prototype Ideas, etc. Obviously, these are just a few of the many, many projects we've completed over the past 30+ years. Please call or email us for specifics.
1989 S-10 Pickup, complete Pontiac GTA L98 drivetrain swap. Engine & everything else far from stock.
Coolant Reroute, 1.8 liter Miata. Addresses design flaw of factory Miata coolant system. It also cleans up the front of the engine asthetically.  
Custom intake manifold for 1.8l Mazda Miata. Allows intercooler plumbing to be routed thru fender instead of directly behind radiator.  
New intercooler for turbocharged Mazda Miata. 18x12x3 inch tube/fin core. Uses above intake manifold for thru-fender intercooler plumbing. Power steering and air conditioning system retained.  
3" Stainless steel bell-mouth style downpipe replacement for Bell Engineering Miata turbo kit.
Making two more "Absurdflow" Mazda tubular turbo manifolds. One sch. 40 mild steel, the other sch. 10 stainless.  
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